A new approach to identification and optimization of airfoils by using the combinatorial-cyclic method

Stanisław Ziętarski, Stanisław Kachel, Adam Kozakiewicz


For the last several years the combinatorial-cyclic method of optimization has been validated and expanded to new areas of applications. Although coordinate measurement analysis still is the main area of applications, the method is becoming a useful and unique tool in design optimization, reverse engineering (parametric design included), and virtual engineering. The case study aerodynamics of airplane and turbine airfoils, and simulation of wind tunnels is very difficult and promising as well. To solve all problems arising in these areas, an extensive software within the integrated CAD/CAM /CAE system has been developed, written in GRIP (SIEMENS NX 3.8).


airfoils, design optimization, combinatorial-cyclic method

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Ziętarski S. AI-based optimization method for the analysis of coordinate measurements within integrated CAD/CAM/CAE systems. Computer Aided Production Engineering ,CAPE 2003. Professional Engineering Publishing Limited,London and Bury St Edmonds, UK, 2003.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17814/atim.y2014.iss1(1).art6


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