A unified method of identification and optimization of airfoils for aircrafts, turbine and compressor blades

Stanisław Ziętarski, Stanisław Kachel, Adam Kozakiewicz


Topics below are rather undesired, but important, outcome not yet completed research on the aircraft airfoils, turbine and compressor blades, parametric design of airfoils, establishing the relationships based on the results of experiments in a wind tunnel, developing databases for determining the relationships between airfoil parameters and lift and drag coefficients. Reliable database created as a result of the research work allows to simulate the wind tunnel. Very early on, however, was necessary to extend the developed specialized software for a new applications, and it meant the need for generalization of software, e.g. for gas turbine engines, propellers, etc. But after some time it turned out, that in order to achieve the required accuracy, the changes are needed in the underlying assumptions, set decades ago. In addition, coordinate measuring machines and systems, and associated software were not always as accurate as expected. Concepts how to solve it and develop software carrying out these tasks are presented in the article. It is like to withdraw from the old path and look for a new path that will lead to the reliable data base. Processes related to air or gas flow should be similarly defined in all the specialized software applications (e.g. aircrafts and turbine engines). Accuracy (10-9 mm) achieved in virtual measurements within the integrated system can be used to verify the results of CMM and other measuring systems, provided that an appropriate software has been developed.


airfoils, design optimization, combinatorial-cyclic method, turbine engines

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Zietarski S.: “AI-based optimization method for the analysis of coordinate measurements within integrated CAD/CAM/CAE systems”. Computer Aided Production Engineering, CAPE 2003. Professional Engineering Publishing Limited, London and Bury St Edmonds, UK, 2003

Zietarski S., Kachel S., Kozakiewicz A.: “A new approach to identification and optimization of airfoils by using the combinatorial-cyclic method”. 28th International Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences, Brisbane, Australia, 2012

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17814/atim.2015.3(4).25


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