Computer aided and 3D printing in pre-operative planning of orbital reconstruction surgery

Marek Wyleżoł, Małgorzata Muzalewska, Bartłomiej Szczodry


This article describes the example of a computer aided and 3D print of a patient’s fractured orbital preoperational reconstruction surgery planning.

On basis of a medical visualization a triangular model of the facial part of the skull with the fractured orbital has been developed. Using the haptic voxel modeling tools the model has been improved and next the model of the reconstructed orbital has been made. This model served to build a physical model. Using the physical model of the orbital the reconstruction mesh has been made which was then implanted into the patient’s skull. The entire surgery was completed with no complications and the patient regained proper sight. 


computer aided; reconstruction of the orbit; virtual model; haptic modeling; 3D printing

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